A Kid’s Room

When we know that we are soon becoming parents we want to create the perfect room for our child,  a safe little place for such a precious little being. When doing so we usually pick something that goes along with our taste and the baby’s sex,  if that is, we chose to find out.

Underneath our taste are our hidden beliefs of what a boy or a girl should like. We surround our kids with what they are supposed to like. We are constructing their identity, in the most subtle ways, which ultimately has a tremendous impact on their sense of who they are and who they are expected to become.

I can’t tell you just how tired I am of the marketing strategy used so carelessly towards children and their parents of what is acceptable for boys and girls. Why are colors divided into sexes and why do we abide to them?

Recently I feel there has been a few changes in the market, like the monochrome trend for example, that goes well with a range of products that can add some color into the room without being gender biased.

My kind of Kid’s Room is another one though. I love color and its impact on us, I love Summer and sunny days and bright colors to me mean happiness. My kind of kid’s room should shout happy from the moment you look at it.

With this in mind, I gathered a few of my favorite pieces around the web to convey a kid’s room for a boy, a girl or neither!


1. Hanging Rattan Egg Chair

2. Pink Cotton Blanket

3. Bed Frame

4. Strawberry Scent Print

5. Toucan Decoration

6. Jucker Table Lamp

I don’t believe pink is only for girls and that blue is only for boys, but most importantly I don’t think that having a color preference, or exposing your kids to all colors will have a say on who they will become as adults.

How about you? How do you tend to decorate your children’s bedroom or playroom? Let us know in the comments!






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