Sara Machado is the artist behind Minikubo. With a background in illustration and surface pattern design, Sara’s passion for the children’s market, led her to the creation of Minikubo, a brand that celebrates individuality, diversity and a gender neutral lifestyle.

Minikubo offers a home accessories line for kids and adults inspiring people to believe in their uniqueness.

As of 2018 Minikubo will be introducing Print and Pattern concept development for brands. To find out more about our terms and conditions get in touch either by email or phone.


Minikubo Print & Pattern

Sara Machado is also known as Sara Castro Monteiro in the surface pattern design world.
She has worked with several brands, like Camelbak (US), Kitty Bunny Pony (KR), YUAA (KR), BehangFabriek (NL).

If you’re a brand, big or small and are interested in licensing a ready made pattern or commission one please get in touch for more details regarding this service.