February Favorites



A little February inspiration with a clear wish for winter to be over. Dreaming of blue skies and lots of sunshine I put together a few of my favorite finds for mothers, kids and homes.

1- Currently drooling over this Mom and kid matching romper from Kid + Kind, it’s officially on my birthday wishlist!

2 – These wall hooks from The Wall Collective got me thinking  they would look perfect with Minikubo’s prints or wall hangings.

3 -I only recently discovered Camomile London and fell in love instantly with their Large Jute Basket, perfect for all those toys, always lying around.

4 – I love brands sending out a clear message and this t-shirt from new favorite kids wear brand Cos I Said So could not say it any better!

5 – No Gmo Print always a favorite of mine, because who wants Gmo’s?

6 – Black + Pink Circle Print Just can’t get enough of these two colors together!




Kids Toys


Dolls are for girls and cars are for boys.

Normally parents won’t even question why this is. Who decided this notion and most importantly why? Well I do question this (and many other notions, if you’ve been following what I blog about).


image above via thesundaesunday

In my perspective dolls are still only accepting for girls because it is expected for the female to be the caretaker of children from an early age. Believe it or not there are still some strong roots on the notion that women were only fit to be mothers and wives.

We forget that not so long ago (in the western world), women did not have the right for childcare, and were expected to dedicate their lives to their children and their husband.

Oh how we take this for granted! We forget that it was a bunch of determined ladies that made this possible. Thank you ladies, I am forever grateful!

But back to the dolls and cars:

It’s true girls ask for baby dolls and you as a parent are gladly to fullfil this whim.

But what if you had a boy asking for a doll? What would your reaction be? And could you deconstruct it?

Why is it that if a boy likes playing with dolls it is regarded as some sort of sexual orientation? That’s a bit insane if you think about it. On the whole, children have no sense of anything sexual before puberty (and if they do, they are probably exposed to a big dose of television/media outlets, which seems to sexualise almost anything unfortunately – yes cartoons too!).

But I have another perspective on this – why not think about the caring father your son will be, as he plays baby and dad/mom?

I’ll tell you one thing. I am so much more comfortable and happy to see boys playing with dolls than with toy guns. Now guns scare me. What message are you sending to your kid if you let them play with guns?

We as parents and/or educators have to deconstruct these patterns of thinking so a new generation can hopefully grow up to be one of the most accepting ones in human history. Don’t you think? Or maybe I’ve been listening  for too long to John Lennon’s “Imagine” song. I think brands have a great responsibility in the way gender is defined in society. One of my major concerns when defining our brand was with this in mind. We implement ideologies of what is accepting and non accepting. We either build walls and divide people or chose to be accepting of diversity. Yes it is our choice.

I would be grateful if you would like to share your thoughts in the comments below

Thank you!!


A Kid’s Room

When we know that we are soon becoming parents we want to create the perfect room for our child,  a safe little place for such a precious little being. When doing so we usually pick something that goes along with our taste and the baby’s sex,  if that is, we chose to find out.

Underneath our taste are our hidden beliefs of what a boy or a girl should like. We surround our kids with what they are supposed to like. We are constructing their identity, in the most subtle ways, which ultimately has a tremendous impact on their sense of who they are and who they are expected to become.

I can’t tell you just how tired I am of the marketing strategy used so carelessly towards children and their parents of what is acceptable for boys and girls. Why are colors divided into sexes and why do we abide to them?

Recently I feel there has been a few changes in the market, like the monochrome trend for example, that goes well with a range of products that can add some color into the room without being gender biased.

My kind of Kid’s Room is another one though. I love color and its impact on us, I love Summer and sunny days and bright colors to me mean happiness. My kind of kid’s room should shout happy from the moment you look at it.

With this in mind, I gathered a few of my favorite pieces around the web to convey a kid’s room for a boy, a girl or neither!


1. Hanging Rattan Egg Chair

2. Pink Cotton Blanket

3. Bed Frame

4. Strawberry Scent Print

5. Toucan Decoration

6. Jucker Table Lamp

I don’t believe pink is only for girls and that blue is only for boys, but most importantly I don’t think that having a color preference, or exposing your kids to all colors will have a say on who they will become as adults.

How about you? How do you tend to decorate your children’s bedroom or playroom? Let us know in the comments!